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Work Capability Assessment
Case Law Pack
Second Edition - June 2015

Work Capability Assessment - Case Law Pack
(Second Edition - June 2015)

This is an essential buy for any organisation providing advice and information surrounding Employment and Support Allowance. The publication contains a digest of case law decisions of Social Security Commissioners/the Upper Tribunal and judgements made by superior courts covering the operation of the ‘work capability assessment’ and the ‘limited capability for work’ and ‘limited capability for work-related activity’ assessments.
The contents include both regulation and case law surrounding:

  • The provisions of the ‘limited capability for work’ and the ‘limited capability for Work-related activity’ assessments as applied since 28th October 2008
  • The application of individual activities and descriptors, including non-functional descriptors
  • The correct approach to be taken in assessments including the assessment of pain, fatigue and variable conditions
  • The application of the ‘substantial risk’ (exceptional circumstances) provisions


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This publication may be purchased in:

  •    £54.50 - printed book format per copy
  •    £47.50 - electronic (usb stick) format
  •    £78.50 - both printed book and electronic (usb stick) format per set

Those purchasing a copy in electronic format will also get included on the USB stick a full electronic copy of all the case law decisions summarised within the publication.

The price includes postage and packaging to mainland UK and Northern Ireland. Orders for the publication may be made through MNP Training by email Please provide company details and the desired delivery address when ordering. An invoice will be dispatched following any email order.

WCA Case Law Pack: The Third Edition of this pack is due to be published in Autumn 2017.

The publication will prove invaluable to new and seasoned advisers (and decision-makers and tribunal members) seeking to establish the correct legal line for the ‘limited capability for work’ and ‘limited capability for work-related activity’ assessments.

This publication has two case law tables to assist readers to research and locate decisions and judgements. One, located at the front, lists case law according to topic. The other, at the back, provides a chronologically ordered reference table enabling both case law decisions and judgements to be located according to their designation.