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Mark Perlic
welfare rights practitioner


Mark Perlic has been a welfare rights practitioner since 1984; during which time he has worked as a caseworker, trainer and manager. He presently works as part of the management team of the Welfare Rights Service at the City of Wolverhampton Council. The Welfare Rights Service seeks to maximise the benefit income of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people living in Wolverhampton.

Mark compiles the following tiles under the company name of MNP Training:

  • PIP Case Law Pack
  • Work Capability Assessment Case Law Pack
  • DLA and AA Case Law Pack
  • Making Appeals Work Tribunal Pratice and Procedure Case Law Pack

The publications produced have proven an extremely valuable point of reference to clamant advisers and representatives across the UK. Indeed, many purchases have been made by benefit claimants who have found the publications of equal value.

Before joining Wolverhampton Welfare Rights Service Mark worked for Birmingham Tribunal Unit (BTU) as the Unit’s Training Officer. Whilst at BTU he was responsible for designing and delivering the Unit’s welfare benefits training programme providing a wide range of popular courses aimed at both the needs of new and seasoned advisers.

Before joining BTU Mark worked for Derbyshire County Council's Welfare Rights Service as a Welfare Rights Officer (Training and Policy Support). Whilst there he was responsible for delivering welfare rights training to the Social Work and Community Care staff and assisting with the development of community care policies and strategies. He also contributed to the high volume appeals work generated from countywide appeals based take-up campaigns.



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